Solutions for the Independent Hotelier

Whether yours is a long established business, has been recently acquired or you are planning to buy a hotel or bed & breakfast for the first time we know that you may need help! Our offer is to give you the help at a time when you are probably most unable to fulfil the task yourself. The very nature of the hospitality industry dictates long hours looking after the needs of guests in an ever changing cycle of high and low occupancy. These cyclical changes means that there is often insufficient time, staff or both to concentrate on the most important needs in the operation These needs could be business development & marketing, taking advantage of the World Wide Web and Internet, commissioning new brochures and advertising, preparation of information for guests in room browsers, training staff - even taking a holiday yourself! The aim of our service is to provide a consultancy in any field where you feel there is a need and in which there has been not enough attention paid for whatever reason.

The experience we have had has been "hands on" and has given us a feel for the majority of the problems that can arise in a privately owned hotel or B & B We know what it is like juggling sales, operational management of staff, procuring supplies and maintaining the premises themselves whilst all the while ensuring that the time-consuming demands of the guests, however reasonable, are met. Our aim is to have enough time to properly analyze each issue and to report to our clients with a coasted, considered course of action for implementation. It would be pleasure to discuss with you your particular needs and to prepare, without obligation, a proposal to satisfy your requirement.

We have considerable experience of applying the use of a computer to help us to develop business plans, solve problems, prepare standard forms for use in the business, set up systems and procedures, instigate advertising and brochure procurement and establish an efficient and productive presence on the Internet. One of the most time-consuming facets of the hoteliers task is to provide information to enable guests to have an enjoyable stay and enjoying all the amenities and attractions locally. With the aid of a computer we are able to produce browsers for guests' lounge, reception or bedroom tailored to the needs, style and image of each establishment.

Please e-mail or phone and allow us to discuss your needs and problems -we look forward to hearing from you. Call +44 (0)20 8423 3925